This year’s anniversary marks QFlow’s 20th.  We are celebrating our awesome employees,  customers, and partners. Our employees continue to push forward with unwavering commitment to successfully implement projects during unprecedented times to serve our customers.  Our customers collaborate with our team to ensure win-win outcomes. With our partners we produce total solutions greater than the parts.

In 2020, with 20 years in business, what better way to represent QFlow 2.0, the latest and best version of QFlow yet. We benefit from the  experience of the last 20 years (successes, lessons learned, etc) and at the same time we have the energy and hunger of a start-up.  We promise to continuously improve and empower our customers to continuously improve in an ever-changing environment.

Below are just a few of the improvements we’ve made this year to make this version of QFlow the best one yet.

  • We increased internal communications to keep everyone rowing in the same direction  and support 100% remote work.
  • We continue to enhance our product development processes, sprinting, standardizing, and automating to continue producing faster results with higher quality.
  • Following the completion of all projects, we hold retrospectives sharing openly and with vulnerability to emphasize what went well and identify issues to prevent from happening again.
  • We’re improving our marketing to better communicate to you what we do and how we can help existing customers and potential customers!  🙂

We’ve made a lot of progress especially considering we had the pedal to the metal on some major projects in 2020. Thank you to our employees for making this possible!

Our eyes are firmly set on how to make the next version of QFlow even better.


Looking forward,

Tim Koehler, President / CEO