Policy and Claims Processing

Customer Overview:

Shelter Insurance® is an industry leader in insurance and financial products and service. Shelter sells life, auto, and property insurance.


Shelter needed to replace its existing paper-based new policy and claims processes with an electronic document imaging and workflow application.


QFlow implemented a web-based electronic storage and retrieval application which stores Life and Health insurance policy documents and claims documents. The system includes a basic workflow capability that routes new applications and claims documents to the assigned processor.


Policy and claims documents are stored electronically and do not need to be manually processed in paper format. New policies and claims are processed faster. Documents are not misplaced or delayed by manual handling. Insurance agents can access member files quickly and easily via web-based search screens regardless of their location. Document searches that took from 2 hours to 2 days are now performed in seconds.

Services Provided:

QFlow consultants designed, developed and implemented the imaging and workflow application. QFlow developed follow-on applications for Shelter Bank, Group Insurance, and Marketing departments. QFlow continues to provide application enhancements, upgrades, system maintenance and technical support services.