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Full Lifecycle ERM

Electronic Records Management

A modern, fully integrated, and automated Electronic Records Management (ERM) solution that helps organizations comply with even the toughest record retention and security requirements. 

Protect your organization's legacy while paving the way for future innovation

Records are not just pieces of paper.

When properly retained, organized, and secured, they unlock a wealth of information that fuels informed decision-making, fosters compliance, and sustains long-term success.

Records Management Reduces the Risk 

Records management should be part of your organization’s broader governance, risk management, and compliance efforts. After all, proper records provide evidence of your organization’s activities—and thereby help you avoid costly fines and audits (and maybe worse).

It’s what has historically been called a “paper trail.” But in this day and age, why does it literally have to be paper?

It doesn’t—and in fact, your records management will be all the more accurate and secure by going digital. QAction Records Management ensures that your historical, fiscal, and legal records (electronic or physical) are identified and preserved as part of your overall enterprise document management strategy.  

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Take Control of Your
Records Retention Schedules 

Our certified experts craft tailored strategies aligning with NARA retention schedules. When records meet their schedule end, QAction ensures disposal according to your rules. Establish custom workflows for review before destruction. For extended preservation needs (e.g., audits, legal cases), our legal hold feature safeguards records beyond schedules, mandated by legal or compliance teams. Protect vital data for crucial audits or litigation.

QAction for Your Records Management

With QAction Records Management, classification of records is achieved through the design, maintenance, and application of taxonomies in QAction along with their appropriate retention schedules in QAction. This controls the creation, organization, storage, retrieval, movement, and destruction of records.  QAction records management can be implemented for both electronic and/or physical records.

This module is also fully integrated with our enterprise document management and business process management modules, making for a seamless solution for your organization.

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Compliance comes standard

We meet The National Archives and Records Administration requirements for record management

Below are the NARA standards for every phase a electronic record goes through in a business. QAction meets these standards right out of the box.

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Keep Your Records Straight

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Discuss your requirements with QFlow Systems records management experts to help you mitigate risk. Click below to check out our product documentation or click above to schedule a demo.