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Enterprise Document Management

Securely store, manage, and access all your enterprise documents, both electronic and physical, from anywhere.

Strike the perfect balance between document security and accessibility

One of the most important concerns organizations face is security.

Securing your confidential documentation lowers your risk against data loss, unauthorized access, and potential lawsuits.  Without a centralized repository, enforcing policies becomes difficult. But that repository needs to be accessible from anywhere to promote effective collaboration—especially with staff working from home, or from remote locations.

Secure and Scale Enterprise-Wide

When organization structure does not reflect the way work gets done, you can secure documents by your own functional working groups, too.  Roles also allow you to designate certain people with advanced privileges (such as administering users and groups, managing tasks, and designing business processes).  

System audit trails provide you proof of compliance and operational integrity by capturing all events like document views, changes, and deletions as well as capturing all changes to metadata and who made the changes.

secure and scale

Access from Anywhere, Based on How You Do Business

Easily find the documents you need just by using your favorite web browser. We provide several different ways to find documents depending on what you are looking for: 

  • Google-like search across all metadata
  • Specific searches by particular metadata, such as customer ID
  • Search Templates for commonly used searches

By defining your own unique “business objects” for storing documents, needed items are consolidated right where you need them.  For example, if you process loans, you are able to easily see the running record of all documents and activities related to the loan or borrower. If you manage contracts, you are able to see all contract documents and actions in one place within the contract. 

Collaborate with Your Team

Track all document versions easily and revert to an older version anytime. For simultaneous editing, QAction® allows you to work directly with content in your preferred online editing tool such as Microsoft Office 365 Online or GSuite.  

Subscriptions allow you to be notified when your team performs any number of potential actions, such as adding a new document in a particular location, checking in a new version of a document, or even viewing a particular version.

Set up reusable document checklists for common activities like expense approvals and new hire onboarding to quickly and easily see what documents you still need before completing your work.

enterprise wide scale
Transition to QAction Fast

Seamless Search Across Multiple Repositories

Get started using QAction right away, even while we migrate your documents out of other repositories. Your end-users will see no impact as the documents are moved, and when the move is complete you can decommission your previous repository if desired.