Q-Action® Records Management is a modern, fully integrated and automated Electronic Records Management (ERM) solution ensuring your organization complies with record retention and security requirements

Records management should be part of your organization’s broader function of governance, risk management, and compliance.  The primary importance is managing the evidence of your organization’s activities as well as the reduction or mitigation of risk associated with it, thereby avoiding fines, jail time, costly audits and more.

Q-Action® ensures that your historical, fiscal, and legal records (electronic or physical) are identified and preserved as part of your overall enterprise document management strategy.  Q-Action® Records Management is fully integrated with enterprise document and business process management modules.  Classification of records is achieved through the design, maintenance, and application of taxonomies in Q-Action® along with their appropriate retention schedules in Q-Action®. This controls the creation, organization, storage, retrieval, movement, and destruction of records.  Q-Action® records management can be implemented for both electronic and/or physical records.

QFlow Systems® trained and certified professionals have extensive experience designing a taxonomy strategy facilitating successful records management according to NARA retention schedules.  When records reach the end of their retention schedule, Q-Action® disposes records according to the guidelines and retention rules you have established and configured. You may also establish workflows to route certain types of records for review by designated groups or individuals prior to destruction.

For circumstances requiring preservation of records beyond their retention schedule such as audits, legal cases, FOIA requests, etc., a legal hold is critical for your legal department within a records management system.  Q-Action® allows records, when mandated by legal counsel or compliance personnel, to be held for a period of time, either by a government or by an enterprise.  This overrides and protects from destruction if your record has reached its life-cycle but is still critical for compliance audit or a litigation case.

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