QFlow Supports Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Q-Action is a flexible content services platform that solves real challenges facing healthcare professionals like you every day. Document management and business process software, along with the help of an integrator like QFlow Systems, helps you…

Eliminate double work. Duplicate data entry is a huge time waster in healthcare organizations. Q-Action helps you eliminate redundancy so you can…

  • Spend more time focused on healing patients instead of filling out paperwork
  • Help your team members focus on the tasks they’re best at, supporting better job satisfaction and performance 

Improve patient experience. With information safely stored digitally, patients can…

  • Fill out intake forms electronically ahead of time at their leisure, reducing their waiting time in your facility
  • Stop having to fill out the same forms by hand every time they visit your office (and getting frustrated with you)

Reduce paper. Paper is cumbersome and takes up space. Reducing physical paper helps you clear the way for…

  • Spaces dedicated to storage can be repurposed into revenue driving areas for patients and equipment
  • Less physical handling of documents helps reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses

Protect personally identifiable information (PII). HIPAA compliance is essential for any healthcare organization to function properly. Q-Action supports your security…

  • Store sensitive information in the cloud with encryption that prevents it from being compromised
  • Set permissions so only those who should be able to access sensitive information have the ability to do so


Healthcare Organizations We Serve

Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities Birth Centers Blood Banks
Centers of Excellence Clinics & Medical Offices Diabetes Education Centers
Hospice Homes Hospitals Images &. Radiology Centers
Medical Research Mental Health & Addition Recovery Centers Orthopedic & Rehabilitation. Centers
Surgical Centers Urgent Care



Start Simple With Solutions Configured For You.

No matter how easy our team makes it (and we make it easy), adopting an enterprise document management platform is a big decision and significant investment. Q-Action for Healthcare modules solve specific problems healthcare professionals face. These solutions can integrate with nearly any existing line of business software to help increase your productivity, improve patient experience, and enhance efficiency.

Q-Action for Clinical Trial Recruitment
  • Reduce error and speed processing times. Automated workflows that can effortlessly navigate even the most complex contingencies to ensure all steps are followed correctly
  • Identify subjects. Easily sort and filter patient data from routine visits to identify potential subjects, then contact them from right within the Q-Action system. 
  • Pre-screen easily and quickly. Using filters and search functionality, pre-screening potential participants can be done in a snap from one central repository. 
  • Capture and store information safely. Send authorization forms, schedule reminders, and store data with a few simple clicks…without worrying for a moment about HIPAA compliance. 
  • Communicate with participants. Prevent patient dropout due to lack of communication by sending messages and reminders automatically. 
  • Document adverse events. Our system can automatically record these events and trigger the appropriate follow-up.
Q-Action for New Patient Intake
  • Reduce in-office paperwork. Send electronic forms securely so patients can complete them comfortably at home prior to their visit. 
  • Shorten waiting times. Receive new patient information sooner with electronic communications so your team can spend less time on data entry at the first appointment. 
  • Help providers be more prepared. With data stored in the system in advance of patient appointments, providers can enter conversations with better knowledge of patient history and concerns.
Q-Action for Pediatrics
  • Send milestone assessments in advance. Now you can send screenings to parents prior to their appointments, allowing them to screen children in the comfort of their own home and submit forms in advance.
  • Allow parents to submit questions to their provider prior to appointments. Help your providers be more prepared for patient visits by receiving their questions and discussion topics in advance.
  • Track patient progress over time. Collect data from all your inputs in one central repository so you get a clear picture of kids’ growth, milestones, etc.


Enterprise Content Services Solutions for Healthcare

Looking for a comprehensive solution to your document management, workflow, and records management challenges? Q-Action’s features address all of your chief concerns in these areas with the following capabilities:

Document Capture

Secure Cloud Storage

Automated Workflow

  • Automate document intake

  • Capture and index files from multiple sources
  • Reduce paper files while maintaining HIPAA compliance

  • Encrypted personally identifiable information (PII) protects your patients from having their data compromised
  • Route documents for information capture automatically and electronically

  • Reduce manual paperwork

  • Speed up processing times so you can stay focused on patient care and research

Scalable Platform

Records Management

Easy Implementation & Integration

  • Q-Action is a SaaS solution with the ability to scale easily across your entire organization 
  • Identifies and preserves your historical and legal records (both physical and electronic)

  • Our software ensures the retention of your records are complaint with government regulations and security requirements
  • Our software plays well with your existing systems to help you be more productive and get the most out of your existing software investments

  • SaaS approach allows us to go from proof of concept to a usable product faster than custom solutions

Why QFlow Systems?

We’ve built our business to make solving your challenges and achieving your organization’s mission easy. Here’s how we do it:




Understanding your operation

Training your team

Supporting you 24/7/3
Creating workflows that work

Securing your data

Making implementation painless
Integrating with your existing software

Customizing Q-Action to fit your needs

Continuously improving and updating our software

Enhance your care with better document and workflow operations.

Ready to see what Q-Action can do for you? We can set up a Q-Action demo to demonstrate how we can help your organization fulfill its mission. Contact us today to get started.