Q-Action® is a web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is simple to implement and configure. It can scale to meet the workflow and document storage needs of any small to large-scale organization.

Integrates All Content in a Single Repository

  • Stores paper documents, emails, electronic documents and workflow folders
  • Provides classification structure for organizing files and setting security
  • Enables metadata and content searches across all content
  • Supports eDiscovery searches

Automates Manual Business Processes

  • Electronic workflow folder includes documents, process data, workflow tasks and notes
  • Routes workflow folders to task assignees based on the folder’s task list
  • Supports standard or ad hoc workflows
  • Initiate workflows upon receipt of documents, user requests, or by external system via API

Eliminates Storage of Paper Documents

  • Converts paper documents to searchable electronic files
  • Provides immediate electronic access to documents and workflow folders
  • Eliminates costs associated with file cabinets and floor space
  • Prevents catastrophic loss of business documents in the event of a disaster

Works on PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones

  • Find, view and e-mail documents using web browsers on PCs, tablets, and smartphone devices
  • View documents and complete workflow tasks from any location
  • Enables telecommuting with remote access to work tasks and supporting documents

Configurable Security, Retention and Workflow Processes

  • Default security and retention settings are configured for each document classification and workflow process
  • User, group, and role based security policies prevent unauthorized access
  • Record retention policies are automatically enforced to meet legal requirements
  • New document categories and workflow process templates can be configured out-of-the-box with no custom coding required

Q-Action® Technology

Q-Action® is an open architecture content services platform.  Q-Action provides a secure structured content repository in addition to integration with your existing applications.  This provides seamless and consolidated access to documents across *multiple* repositories:  Q-Action can be integrated with IBM Enterprise Records, IBM Content Collector and IBM eDiscovery. Q-Action Scan is built on IBM FileNet Capture or Kofax Capture. Q-Action can also store document and process data in IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database technology.  IBM FileNet software is robust, high-performance, scalable, and secure. (QFlow Systems® is a certified IBM Business Partner.)

QFlow’s continuous delivery process enables rapid and reliable new releases through automated quality control, automated security checks, and automated functional testing.

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