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Building Your Solution: What to Expect

We built our process like we build our software: with you and your specific needs at the center of everything we do. Because we understand that you don’t want to buy a product; you want to solve a problem. Here’s how our team of seasoned experts works with you to make that happen.


Step One: Listen, Understand, and Prototype

Before we propose anything, we will meet with you to gain a holistic understanding of your business, your challenges, and where you want to go in the future. Then, we’ll quickly stand up a proof of concept prototype of your actual system so you can gain confidence in the effectiveness of the end solution…right from the very start.


Step Two: Gathering Requirements

Here’s where we will pull all the technical details together to tailor your system for a perfect fit. Having Q-Action as our foundational framework helps us adjust the technology quickly and easily to: 

  • Standardize your workflows 
  • Integrate with your existing software 
  • Conform to any IT or networking requirements


Step Three: Establish Storage & Taxonomy

We’ll create a structure for content storage that provides the necessary rigidity for preventing errors and rework…along with the enterprise-wide security you need in a scalable solution. This process also ensures:

  • Your team members can easily search and locate the content they need from a single location
  • New folder structures that you create in the future adhere to your established standards


Step Four: Workflow Designs

The way that content flows through your organization is just as important as the way it’s stored. Our team will help you analyze your processes to identify opportunities for automation and efficiency. We will then create a visual workflow which your team will approve before we program your system to reflect the design.


Step Five: Setting Records Retention Parameters

Proper records management is critical to keeping your organization in compliance and mitigating risk. We’ll gather information from your team so we can automate the preservation and timely destruction of your organization’s records. 


Development & Implementation: What to Expect

Our team gets to work developing your solution as we are still gathering information from you. Our agile approach allows us to work responsively and quickly iterate on your feedback throughout the development process. Then, once it’s time to launch your solution, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make the process feel effortless for your team.

Scrum for Faster, Better Deployment

We use the Scrum framework to optimize our productivity and speed your time to launch. This means that while we’re gathering the information we described above, our developers are already working in structured, three-week sprints to complete a set of finite deliverables. This means that instead of waiting a long time for your entire solution, you’ll receive useable components of the completed product along the way during your project life cycle.

Your Dedicated Team

You’ll work with the same QFlow Systems professionals throughout the life of your project. Some of them will become familiar faces, while others will remain behind the scenes. During three-week sprints, your ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Developers work with a single goal in mind: to advance your project forward. All of that is happening while your account manager and workflow experts are collaborating with you to ensure we’re building exactly what your organization needs, to your specifications.



Our iterative approach to rolling out portions of your solution over time make it much easier for your team to learn and adapt to the system. But even though adopting our solution won’t feel like much of a shock, we still go the extra mile to support you through each phase. Here are a few ways we accomplish that:

  • Train the Trainer approach educates your key team members who can provide support to their coworkers as the solution is rolled out
  • Onsite training and support from QFlow Systems experts
  • Virtual training courses for remote teams 


Maintenance & Support: What to Expect

Future-Proofing and Maximizing ROI

Our SaaS (software-as-a-service) model allows us to ensure we’re constantly supporting you with bug fixes and continuous product updates. This saves you money and time since you don’t need to rely on your internal IT resources or hire your own developers to keep your technology current. 

Crowdsourced Continuous Improvement

When determining which features to work on next for the Q-Action framework, we regularly survey our users to ask for their input on what updates they want to see in our system. We prioritize our continuous improvement efforts according to what is important to our users.

Ongoing Support

We provide responsive customer support for the life of your solution, well beyond the onboarding phase. We’re available for additional training as you onboard new team members to your organization, and if anything were to ever go wrong with your software, we are a phone call or email away to help you troubleshoot and solve the issue.


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