Financial Documents Imaging & Retrieval

Customer Overview:

Maritz Inc. is the world’s largest source of integrated performance improvement, incentive travel, and market research services.


Maritz needed a document imaging system to store accounting and financial documents and eliminate the need for paper files and microfiche archival. Maritz wanted an imaging company to host and manage the imaging system so they did not need to acquire the necessary expertise. Maritz also wanted to outsource the scanning and indexing process.


QFlow designed and implemented a web-based solution that provides Maritz with an outsourced financial document imaging system. Maritz sends invoices, expense reports, vouchers, checks, airline tickets and cash receipts documents to a local conversion bureau where they are scanned, indexed and then imported into a system that is web-hosted by QFlow Systems. Maritz users access the invoice documents through a web-based document query and retrieval application.


Financial documents do not need to be manually filed and microfiched. Users have immediate access to financial documents regardless of their location. The application enforces security to ensure that only authorized users have access. Maritz enjoys the benefits of an imaging system without having to manage one.

Services Provided:

QFlow designed, developed and implemented the web-based retrieval application and the image import application used by the conversion bureau to transfer images to the system at QFlow’s offices.