Manage Documents and Automate Your Office Easily

Nothing can drain the efficiency out of an organization more than manual paperwork— and the inevitable errors that come with it. Q-Action® has helped hundreds of offices, both public and private, achieve maximum efficiency in their workflow.

That frees them to do more important things…like better serving their clients and customers.

What is Q-Action®? It’s a commercial off-the-shelf ECM solution that lets you centralize documents into a single repository and tailor your workflows, enabling you and your organization to shorten process times, eliminate paper, and improve collaboration across teams.  In short, it makes quick work of document management.

Delivering the Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

Integrates & Complements Mission Critical Systems

QFlow Systems® helps integrate software solutions into your existing business and workflow. Q-Action®, our SaaS Content Services Platform (CSP), forms the backbone of our solution; It offers many features out-of-the-box that enterprise-sized organizations need to stay organized, including document management, records management, and business process automation. We combine this with industry specific solutions that can be easily configured and integrated into any organization’s own unique environment.

Q-Action’s open architecture provides flexible content repository options, whether you need open source or seamless integration with your existing repository. Because the system is so flexible, we can run the Q-Action® CSP on premise or in the cloud, depending on your needs. It is scalable, integrates well with existing mission-critical business systems, and fully customizable.

Who Is Q-Action® For?

Q-Action® is ideal for organizations that need a more centralized, organized way to process their documents, but that don’t necessarily have IT resources  with deep CSP knowledge and expertise. With Q-Action®, organizations can build new, integrated content management and workflow applications in hours rather than weeks. Configure your own document organization, then automatically implement document capture and indexing, as well as security, retention, and workflow processing. 

You’ll see the results in no time: Q-Action® lowers costs, increases productivity, and improves customer service. We are used to seeing our clients achieve a positive ROI in less than a year. That’s why it is trusted by organizations like the USDA, DISA, Selective Service, Mayo Clinic, Ascension Health, and many others.