We provide the following services.

  • Sales of QFlow Systems Application Packages;
  • Sales of Enterprise Content Management System Software and Hardware,
  • Installation and Configuration of ECM Software and Hardware,
  • Design and Development of Custom Applications,
  • System Maintenance and Technical Support,
  • Production System Implementation and Training,
  • Document and Data Conversion,
  • Remote System Management and Application Hosting Services,
  • Design and Development of Custom Interfaces between ECM Systems, and Existing Line-of-Business Applications.

We follow our proven project methodology FOUNDATION when implementing ECM applications. FOUNDATION is described in the METHODOLOGY section.

We take one of the following approaches when implementing ECM applications.

  • Configure out-of-the-box ECM system software to meet basic requirements.
  • Install and configure out-of-the-box QFlow Application Packages for a fully integrated solution.
  • Install and customize out-of-the-box QFlow Application Packages to meet complex requirements and integrate with line of business applications.
  • Develop custom ECM applications built upon ECM system software to meet unique requirements.

We provide customers with first line of support ECM system maintenance services. We currently provide system maintenance for thousands of users in geographically distributed locations.


We have a proven process for implementing customized ECM solutions. Our project implementation methodology is called FOUNDATION. FOUNDATION defines the necessary steps, milestones and deliverables that ensure a successful project implementation.

The following diagram summarizes the phases, steps, and milestones in FOUNDATION. The methodology is tailored to meet the needs of specific projects.

FOUNDATION consists of the following phases:

  • Business Analysis – Optional task to determine high level business and application requirements.
  • Functional Design – Analyze and describe all application characteristics and functions.
  • Application Development – Install and configure system components. For custom application functions, design, code and test application modules.
  • Implementation – Install application and perform user acceptance testing. Move application into production, provide training and warranty support.
  • System Maintenance – Provide on-going hardware and system software maintenance services.

FOUNDATION is a lightweight methodology that focuses on results not paperwork. FOUNDATION is based on the practical experience from the successful implementation of many ECM systems of varying sizes and complexities.

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