We’re working hard to make Q-Action the best product it can be, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our users who work with our product day in and day out. Our team has been listening closely to the feedback users provide through the app for ways to make the user interface more intuitive and easier to navigate. We’re excited to announce that many of the requests we received in recent feedback have been included in our 5.17 version release. Here’s a closer look at some changes you can look forward to in the update.

No More Password-Protected PDFs

Improper file types can cause huge roadblocks in your organizational workflow, especially when it comes to password-protected documents. The previous version of Q-Action allowed users to upload password-protected PDFs, which caused accessibility issues down the line. Now, an error message will appear when a user attempts to upload this document type, and the user will need to remove the password protection before successfully uploading. By notifying users of any issues upfront, it saves significant time (and frustration) for all contributors. 

Clarity with Viewing and Downloading Documents

The ability to quickly and seamlessly preview, download, and share documents is key for an optimized workflow. To make Document actions more intuitive within Q-Action, we’ve introduced new Preview and Download buttons for PDF and non-PDF documents.

The following shows document options prior to version 5.17:

Options for non-PDF documentsOptions for PDF documents

The following shows document options starting with version 5.17:

Options for non-PDF documentsOptions for PDF documents

Easy-to-Find Exported Documents

It’s difficult to find a file when you don’t know the name of the file you’re looking for. To help save time (and headaches) in your workflow, Q-Action now prompts you to name your exported files. Giving your files a specific name will make them easier to locate.

The completed report name you supplied will remain the same, no matter where your report is saved.

The following shows the file once saved on your computer:

Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility continues to be an important focus for our team as we improve Q-Action. Based on the feedback we’ve been receiving from Q-Action users, we’ve prioritized the following updates to make our platform work better for individuals who rely on screen readers or keyboards to navigate the application:

  • Language tags on each page
  • Improved image alt tags
  • Input field labels are now associated with the input field id
  • Added a “Skip to Content” link for users traversing the site by tabbing
  • Ensured every page has a header title

Improved Font Readability

As part of our efforts to make Q-Action a more accessible tool for everyone, we introduced a new font that is easier to read. This update proved successful and will be carried through in our newest update (Q-Action 5.17).



Streamlined Customer Support and Tutorials

At QFlow, we understand that putting technology before people only leads to problems. We want to make every feature in our software as user-friendly as possible, which sometimes means that the user might require a little extra help from the QFlow team.

Did you know that a Contact Support form is available at the top of your screen? This can be used to report issues, ask questions, or provide feedback about a screen or a feature. We hope our users will take advantage of this feature to learn more about the software and help us continuously improve it.

And what about users who are new to the system? New users are now welcomed with a brief tutorial to showcase basic functions. That tutorial can be played anytime by clicking “Help” and selecting “Restart Welcome Tutorial.”

Looking Ahead: Q-Action 5.18

These are just a few of the latest updates we’ve released! For a complete list, please see the New Features in the Help section of Q-Action for more information about recent changes. And we’re already working on some new and exciting features that will be rolled out in our next release. Here is a sneak peek of the Q-Action 5.18 release coming in late 2023.

New Announcement Banner

We know that in your day-to-day, it can be easy to miss important announcements within Q-Action, such as training dates, new release dates, etc., and we want to make staying up to date easier than ever. That’s why we’re rolling out a new announcement banner feature that will bring important, timely notifications front and center without getting in the way of your workflow. 

New Functionality: Add a document to multiple business objects at once

Many users have requested the ability to add a single document to multiple business objects, like borrowers, loans, projects, etc. With Q-Action 5.18, you will be able to add copies of a document to your key business object at one time for any given classification.

For example, you need to add the same document to three borrowers. When you upload the document to Q-Action and select a classification, you will have the ability to select multiple borrowers that you want to add the document to. Any other index fields will also be applied to the documents.

Improved suggestions when uploading or searching for documents

Q-Action 5.18 will also feature improved search result performance and relevancy by allowing departmental stakeholders to define the search fields that are most important to their users, along with improved response time for task-related options such as starting and completing tasks.

We Value Your Feedback

We understand that choosing a content services platform is a critical decision for your organization, and we are committed to continuously improving our software to provide the best possible experience. To guide our decision-making for the next release, we’re relying on your valuable insight as a Q-Action user. If you are experiencing difficulties with certain features or have ideas for improving our platform, we want to hear from you!

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