Electronic Contract & Records Management


Customer Overview

The Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) provides information technology contracting services for United States Department of Defense organizations.


DITCO needed to automate its paper-intensive manual processes associated with government procurements. Contract documents produced by a myriad of contracting applications had to be printed and filed in paper contract folders.


QFlow consultants developed an electronic contract file application based upon IBM FileNet Imaging System software. The application provides an integrated solution that captures and stores all electronic documents, e-mails, and paper documents related to a procurement. The system is integrated with other contracting applications so documents and data are automatically transferred into the electronic contract file. The contract file is integrated with a Records Management system to meet DOD 5015 regulations. The system has been in production since October 1999.


The electronic contract file allowed DITCO to eliminate paper contract files and implement a completely paperless contracting process. Costs associated with managing, storing and destroying paper contract files have been eliminated. The system enforces security and keeps audit trails that track access to contract files. Contract files are available to authorized Contract Specialists in multiple locations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Services Provided:

QFlow consultants designed, developed and implemented the electronic contract file application. QFlow installed and configured the Records Management system and integrated it with the electronic contract file application. QFlow provides on-going system maintenance services.

− IBM FileNet Image Services;
− IBM FileNet Capture;
− TruArc Foremost Records Management System;
− Oracle Database; and
− Microsoft Visual Basic.