What is the Future of Paper Shredding Services?

There was a time when companies didn’t have a choice but to rely heavily on paper-heavy processes. The insurance, medical,

The Four Biggest Roadblocks to Fully Transitioning to Electronic Document Management Systems, and tips on how to overcome them.

The term “going paperless” sounded almost fairytale-like as recently as a decade ago. However, paperless workplaces are not just increasingly

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Insurance companies are just as incentivized as any other enterprise environment to “go paperless.” Content management and electronic document processing

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The FDA’s Technology Modernization Action Plan (TMAP) is an initiative to modernize the FDA’s approval and review processes, namely by

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If there’s any topic that’s gaining steam in 2022, it’s remote work. Yes, COVID was an accelerant in the giant

How the NARA Mandate is Changing Government Workplaces

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) put out a mandate in 2019 requiring federal agencies to “transition to electronic

Best Practices for Data Retention and Records Management

Data retention, and how your organization stores and manages employee and customer records, is critically important for both private and

Records Management Best Practices For Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have a long list of compliance and regulatory hurdles that have to be cleared on a daily basis.

The Importance of Methodology for Document Management System Success

Document management is an inevitable aspect of every business. Yet when starting from square one, the task of implementing a

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